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સ્વાગત છે આપનું, ઉઘાડી આંખે જોવાતા સ્વપન ની દુનિયા માં………

!! सोच समझकर सौदा कीजो, ये नन्द को लाल बरो व्यापारी !! 22/04/2010

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Once a woman selling fruit in Gokul was calling, “O inhabitants of Gokula,
if you want to purchase some fresh fruits, come here!”

After hearing that Our Little Kanhaiya come nearer to her and asked : “O Ma, O Ma, Are these fruits sweet ?

She replied : “Yes Lalla, these are sweet…”

She asked : “Want to Have some…??”

Kanhaiya Said : ‘Yes..”

She asked : “How many?”

Kanhaiya asked : “How many will you give me?”

She replied : “As per the price you give..”

Kanhaiya asked : “Price??? What is price??”

She asked : ”You do not Understad Price?”

Kanhaiya said : “No”

She said : “How Innocent you are! Lalla, when you take something from someone, then you have to give something, that is called Money..”

Kanhaiya asked : “Money? What is it? I don’t have any…”

She replied : “You will not know. Get it from you mother.”

Kanhaiya replied : “My mother has gone to Yamuna for take bathe..”

She asked : “Is there any grain in home?“

Kanhaiya replied : “Yes, Plenty…”

She said : “Ok, Go, get some….That’ll do”

Kanhiya asked : “O Ma, How strange, My mother gives me so many things, but takes no price, Milk maids give me butter, but take no price….Yes..They want me to cuddle them and call them ‘mother’! “

Kanhaiya continued : “If I sit in your lap calling you ‘mother’ can I get fruit?”

She replied : “How innocent you are! Even if I wish I cannot have you in my lap..”

Kanhaiya asked : “Why?”

She replied : “Because I am untouchable. How may I fondle you?

Then suddenly Little Kanhiya sat on her lap and hugs her and said : “Like this, Ma ….”

She said : “Oh, What have you done, Lalla? If someone see- what havoc! “

Kanhaiya asked : “Why? Untochables aren’t human? , I don’t accept such barriers..”

He agian said : “My freidns are low-castes, you too are like my mother”

Then the fruit seller woman eyes filled with tears of love and affection for the son of Nand Maharaja and Said : “Lalla , you are a magician…your touch has spread light in the depths of my soul….”

She continued : “I won’t get a better price than this.. Take whatever you want….”

Kanhaiya said : “I want all these..”

She said : “All?….All right..”

Kanhaiya Said : “Don’t worry Ma, I’ll give you a lot of grain too..”

She replied : “I don’t want it, Lalla! You have given enough…”

Then Kanhaiya immediately gone inside the house to take some grains, While Krishna was going to the her very hastily, most of the grains He was holding fell.

Kanhaiya : “Ma, I brought so much grain for you…”

She sees Kanhaiya with love and said : “Oh Lalla! It is a lot of grain…..”

Kanhaiya said : “Ma, I brought a handful it spilled, only this is left “

She replied : “This is more than enough, It will fill my basket”

She Said : “Lalla..It is a very good bargain…..Here, take your fruits…”

Nonetheless, She filled Kanhaiya’s hands with fruits, and her fruit basket was immediately filled with jewels and gold…..

Her eyes were filled with tears of love and affection………..

हीरे मोती दान में दे, भक्ति की भी राह दिखाए न्यारी…
सुब कुछ देकर परीक्षा लेता, की कौन-सी ओर चले संसारी..

He showers jewels, and shows a new path of devotion,
Giving all he takes a test which way we all go…

ऐसे मोह के जाल बिछाये, कि फँस के रह जाये बुद्धि बिचारी…
सोच समझकर सौदा कीजो, ये नन्द को लाल बरो व्यापारी…

In his snare of temptation, intellect is entrapped….
Think well and make a deal, Son of Nand Maharaja is so Shrewd…

!! जय हो कन्हैया लाल की !!