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O My Beloved Goodbye…….. 22/04/2010

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Once Shri Krishna asked Shri Radharani to come alone to one of the kunja of Shri Dham Vrindavan to meet Him before He leaves for mathura…. Shri Radha reached there on schedule time and when Shri Krishna came then she said Him as follows..

Radha : “O Krishn, Here, I am…What do you wish to say ?”

Krishna : “There’s nothing to say. I merely wanted your permission to leave for Mathura.”

Radha: “Do you want my permission or my life?”

Krishna : “O Radhe, Our bodies may be separate but we share the same life. This parting is of the body.”

Radha: “But, what will happen after the parting? Have you thought of that?”

Krishna: “I have, But We must perform the ritual that is predestined. We must complete the task we have undertaken! You know that !”

Then Shri Radharani’s eyes and heart filled with tears and pain and said to Shri Krishna as follows :

Radha : “Yes, I know that. For you, the task is more important than Radha. But you don’t know that, for Radha, Krishna is the important thing….. She has nothing else. Radha’s every duty, every task, her hopes and her ambition, her prayers and entreaties are all Placed at Krishna’s Lotus feet…”

“If you take these blessed feet away from me…. Then your Radha will be left alone in Vrindavan after your going away to Gokul, like the ash that is left in the holy pot after the Ritual of Fire is over!”

“You can never understand this pain! Only the beloved can understand this!”

Krishna: “Why? Does not the lover experience this pain?”

Radha: “Not to the same extent! The lover bears this pain with his manliness…but the beloved has only one support : Her Lover! And if her lover deserts her….then how can she bear the pain?”

“She needs her lover to share her pain and cry on his shoulder. Otherwise She cannot show her tears to others so as not to defame her lover…..You’ll keep yourself busy either doing your duty on battlefield or in society or establishing a just social order But your beloved Radha will be lost in the vast notingness of loneliness…..Whom will she unburden her heart to?”

Krishna: “To Me.”

Radha: “To You?”

Krishna: “Yes, To Me.”

Krishna: “O Radhe, wherever I may be, in the palace or in the forest on the battlefield or doing my duty…..I give you my word that we’ll meet regularly in the emotional world of dreams….”

Radha: “Huh! I’ll dream if I can sleep. If a beloved can sleep peacefully when separated from her lover…It is disrespect shown to love.”

Krishna: “No. If there is hope of a union with the lover it is not a disrespect of Love to dream be it of heavan or Helll or even the Dream world itself.“

Radha : “How hard-hearted you are. Distracting me with dreams. Sometimes I wonder why I left Heaven (Goloka) to bear this pain in Vrindavan….I could have stayed there with your immortal form watching your antics in human form Crazed by your love…why did I follow you to this mortal World???”

Krishna: “I know why.”

Radha: “Why?”

Krishna: “So that could enjoy your companionship on this cruel Earth for bit of time…In this environment of violence and greed you wanted to give me your selfless love…Your coming here has made possible the Love Ritual….Which will make Krishna the Incarnation of Love otherwise, in this Incarnation….I’ve to accomplish many difficult tasks!”

Radha: “May I ask something?”

Krishna: “Yes.”

Radha: “You always say you are bound by the love of your devotees and your beloved?”

Krishna: “Yes.”

Radha: “That you always obey their dictates?”

Krishna: “Of course!”

Radha: “Will you listen to me..If I ask you not to leave me and go away from Vrindavan ?”

Krishna: “I’ll obey you, if you order me to.”

Radha: “All right! I order you to promise me that you will stay here with me….”

Krishna: “All right! I give you my word. I’ll not leave without your permission….”

Radha: “Then sit by my side and play the flute…”

Krishna: “As you wish!”

Then Krishna started to play His transcendental flute and Shri Radha put her head on Shri Krishna’s shoulder and started to listen the sound of His transcendental flute with great attention.

When the god and demigods like Brahma, Shiva Shankar, Indra, Varun, Agni on Heavenly Planet were watching this scene and they got anxious and appeared before Shri Yugal Jodi Shri Radha-Krishna with fondled hand and started to said to Shri Radha like this :

The King of Heavan Indra Said : “Help us , Help us..O Mother Radharani….Protect us O Mother Radharani…..”

Shri Bramha Said : “O Mother Shri Radharani. You are the mother of the universe….. You are the only support of the living creatures….You are Lord Shri Krishna’s hidden strength and you know that Lord’s present incarnation will destroy all Evil and Establish Religion……”

Indra Said : “O Mother, The Supreme Lord has incarnated Himself on this earth to destroy demons and help sages and seers…..O Mother, if you stop the lord at this crucial hour then all living creature will see your help…..”

Brahma Ji Said : “How can you allow your children to be scalded by the fires of Sin and Atheism? Protect your children.. O Mother…. We all pray to you to release the Lord Shri Krishna…. We are your children…”

“O Mother Shri Radharani…Forgive our boldness. We entreat thee again and again! Please accept our plea.”

Then Shri Radharani face towards Shri Krishna and said to Him with tearful eyes : “You called the Gods because you were defeated.”

Krishna: “I didn’t call anyone. It is between you and your children.”

Radha: “A woman’s greatest weakness is her love for her children. You have trapped me in this temptation….”

Then Shri Radharani said to Lord Bramha Ji : “I have accepted your prayer. May you be blessed!”

All the Gods and Demigods then praised loudly : “ Victory to the Universal Mother Shri Radharani..”

After that they sung the beautiful praise of Shri Krishna and Shri Radharani and they all disappreaed from that place…

After that Shri Radha statred to weep and her eyes were filled with tears and said to Shri Krishna…

Radha: “May I ask for something?”

Krishna: “Yes.”

Radha: “Make me two promise before you leave..”

Krishna: “What?”

Radha: “First, not only in my dreams but in reality as well as long as I am on this earth…you’ll stay in my heart for every moment….”

Krishna: “And the Second?”

Radha: “Second, before I leave this Earth you will meet me at least once.”

Krishna: “I give you my word! But I also want you to promise me something.”

Radha: “What?”

Krishna: “You will not shed tears….”

Radha: “That will be difficult…”

Then Shri Krishna Himself wipes tears from Shri Radharani’s eyes and Said : “O Radhe….Every tear of yours will be an obstacle in my path of Duty. So, give me your word”

Radha: “Allright! I give you my word! I won’t shed any tears!”

After said that Shri Radharani placed his head upon Lotus Feet of Shri Krishna…and Shri Krishna immediately left that Place…….

And Shri Radha Statred to Sing this song of seperation with Her unconscious and broken heart…

हे प्राणेश्वर विदा…, हे परमेश्वर विदा….
भग्न ह्रदय, मूक प्रणय, कहता प्रियवर विदा …

O Lord of my Life! Goodbye….O Lord of the World! Goodbye
A broken heart, a silent love, bids my Beloved Goodbye..

विदा….विदा….विदा….ओ मेरे प्रियवर विदा……
Goodbye….Goodbye….Goodbye…O My Beloved Goodbye….

संग तुम्हारे जा न सकु मैं, तुमको रोक न पाऊं…
तुम तो चले कर्त्तव्य के पथ पर, मैं किस पथ पर जाऊं?

I cannot go with thee.. Nor can I stop thee…
You walk on the path of duty, Which path should I take?

हे योगेश्वर विदा…, हे मुरलीधर विदा……
भग्न ह्रदय, मूक प्रणय, कहता प्रियवर विदा….

O Lord of the World! Goodbye….O Lord of the Flute! Goodbye..
A broken heart, a silent love bids my Beloved Goodbye….

विदा….विदा….विदा….ओ मेरे प्रियवर विदा…
Goodbye….Goodbye….Goodbye…O My Beloved Goodbye..

दो हृदयों के बीच बहेगी, यमुना की एक धारा….
धरती के ही एक आँगन में, जहाँ अटूट मिलन हमारा….

The waves of the Yamuna separates our hearts..
We will occupy the same Earth, Our ultimate union is definite!

धर्म के रथ पर विदा…, कर्म के पथ पर विदा….
भग्न ह्रदय, मूक प्रणय, कहता प्रियवर विदा…..

On the chariot of Religion! Goodbye… On the path of Duty! Goodbye…
A broken heart, a silent love bids my Beloved Goodbye….

विदा….विदा….विदा….ओ मेरे प्रियवर विदा…..
Goodbye….Goodbye….Goodbye…O My Beloved Goodbye…

:::::::जय श्री राधे….जय श्री राधे….जय श्री राधे:::::::::::